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Staff Notes

Inevitably, at the end of every school year, many changes take place in the staffroom, and this July brought a sad one for those of us who are left. We wish Miss Lemmon every happiness in her married life at Chesterfield: her cheerful good humour is greatly missed and staff meetings will never seem the same now that she no longer occupies the chair in the corner. During her twenty-one years of service to the school, the many girls who have passed through her hands have had cause to be grateful for her help and guidance, and have found, too, that her interest in them did not cease with their school days. She has continued to be a friend to many Old Girls. Probably the aspect of her work which will be longest remembered is her talent for producing Shakespeare, and other, plays. By means of her tireless hard work and the ability to get the very best from her cast, she achieved performances which were far above the usual ‘schoolgirl’ level and provided a wonderful introduction to drama for members of the school. We hope it will be not long before she is able to visit us with her new family. We have been very fortunate in obtaining the services of Mrs Rose and Mrs Douglas, who with the additional help of Mrs Purser are ably assisting the work of the English Department throughout the school.

We have also had to say goodbye to Mrs Salmon who moved from Peterborough in order to work nearer her husband, and Miss Hinchley who is now teaching at Stamford. During the past four years her hard work and encouragement have been invaluable in the Physical Education Department. As she is living in the neighbourhood we still see her from time to time.  Miss Coney and Miss Neave have come to help Mrs Lloyd with the physical work of the school.

Miss Plenderleith also left us in July to become Mrs Mcleod, and is now teaching juniors near Leighton Buzzard. We are pleased to welcome Miss Davies who has joined the Music Department.

We were glad to hear of the birth of Sarah Clarke last Christmas but sorry to lose Mrs Clarke who left in the summer to spend more time with her family. Mr Hunter has now come to help with the teaching of History.

The Domestic Science Department has lost Miss Smith, herself an Old Girl of the school, who after three years in Peterborough has gone to teach in Canada for some time. We wish her every success and welcome in her place another Old Girl, Miss Reed.

We are glad that Mrs Wesley, although not able to teach full-time because of family commitments, has not left us completely but is still giving part-time help. Mr Kilgour has joined us to teach Latin and German, and we are fortunate to have the assistance of Mr Elcombe who is giving up some ‘retirement time’ to help in the teaching of Classics. As usual we have a French assistant, Mlle. Boidard, who replaces Mlle. Henry d’Ollieres, and this year Señorita de Ory has come to help with Spanish conversation. Her assistance is particularly valuable as Miss Hempshall, after a stay in hospital of some weeks in the summer, has unfortunately had to return there this term. We extend our sympathy to her and hope that this time her recovery will be complete. This year we are sharing our German assistant, Herr Hoffman, with Deacon’s School.

We are glad to welcome yet another old girl, Mrs Leeder, who has come to assist in the clerical and welfare work of the school.


Teaching Staff
Miss M Mathews
Miss L E Braddick
Deputy Head and Classics
Miss K A Bartlett
Mrs V Beal
French and German (part-time)
Miss S A Beaton
Mrs K Blackith
Miss I A Blake
Miss J E Burrow
Miss A Coney
Physical Education
Miss K Davies
Mr M D Dearman
Miss A de Neumann
Domestic Science
Mrs Douglas English (part-time)
Mr J Featherstone
Scripture and French
Mrs J Fitzgerald
Mr B Freed
Russian (part-time)
Mrs P J Gill
Mr J L Gregory
Mrs I Hone
Geography (part-time)
Mr R Hunter
Miss M E Joyce
Mr G Keating
Spanish and French
Mr J Kilgour
Latin and German
Mrs K M Lloyd
Physical Education
Mr B Lythgoe
Mr T H Martin
Miss E M Muir
Mrs J Purser Civics, Drama and History (part-time)
Miss A Neave
Physical Education
Mrs D M Read
Miss D Reed
Domestic Science
Mr J F Risby
Scripture and History
Mrs J Rose English (part-time)
Mr J Seeley
Mr M Scott
Miss M P Stevens
Miss M C Tebbs Mathematics
Miss B H Thompson Music
Miss M S Verrill
Mrs P Wesley
French (part-time)
Mr W Wiltshire Chemistry
Mrs W Wright
Mathematics (part-time)