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If you would like to renew contact with former school friends, leave a message below with your name, the name(s) of the people you want to trace, years you were at school, etc. To prevent spam and unwanted phone calls, please do not include your personal contact details in the message.

If you wish to contact someone who has left a message on this page, please use the website ‘Contact’ form to send a message to the webmaster and your message and contact details will be passed on privately.


4 thoughts on “Message Board”

  1. hello, Marilyn Allen(nee Davies) is hoping to contact girls who were in her year at school ( birth year Sept 1951 – Sept 1952) , with a view to having a ‘ONE OFF’ reunion sometime in 2016. Let her know if you would be interested.

  2. Hello, Sue Cooper (nee Collins) here. Attended PCGS from September 69 to July 74. Wondered if there is anyone around from this time.

  3. Christine Smith HENICH said:

    Hello, I am Christine Smith HENICH. I attended PCG from 1958 to 1963, and return to Peterborough once or twice a year from Oregon, USA. I would love to reconnect with old friends. If any one is available the end of October, I will be in Peterborough.

  4. Hi everyone, does anyone know where Mr Ivatts is now? He was my biology teacher.

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